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Remarks by H.E. Mr. Saadi Salama at the Book Release and Film Screening Ceremony: "Palestine in between the Occupation Walls"

Monday, 17 October 2011 15:39

Excellencies, Ambassadors, Representatives of Diplomatic and International Organizations Missions,12_Oct_Book_release

Delegates, distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, allow me to convey my warmest welcome to the Ambassadors, Delegates, Distinguished Guests and Friends who are joining us today to inaugurate the release of the Book release Ceremony under the title Palestine in between Occupation Walls.

I would like on this occasion, to convey my sincere thanks to The Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations for coordinating with our embassy the organization of this significant Ceremony.                                

Since I returned to Vietnam in 2009, I have always wanted to give full attention and try to fulfill my duty as a bridge of friendship between Palestine and Vietnam in order to enhance and develop the relations of friendship and cooperation between our two Countries and Peoples at all levels including information and communications.

To build this bridge of friendship, a trip to Palestine was arranged for a delegation of Vietnamese journalists to enable these famous journalists to witness the situation on the ground, learn more about Palestine and the daily struggle of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation. As a result, we are gathering here today to witness the release of the book under the title Palestine in between Occupation Walls, which is the fruit of months of hard and passionate work of the journalists. I hope that this book will be introduced widely to the Vietnamese people, so that they can understand more about Palestine and the Palestinian people, which will further enhance their love and support for the efforts of the Palestinian People in achieving their legitimate rights including their rights to self-determination, and establishing their own independent and sovereign State. I believe that the success of this book will create a new step for the two Peoples, to further knowing each other; there will be more opportunities for the two countries to bond, and enhance the basis of our historical relations of friendship and cooperation.


Delegates, Distinguished Guests,

We are meeting here today, at a historic moment for Palestine and the long standing, just cause of our Palestinian people and it's just struggle for independence. The application of the State of Palestine for admission to membership in the United Nations is now before the Security Council following its submission by President Mahmoud Abbas on 23 September 2011.

The submission of Palestine's application for the United Nations membership followed by a historic statement by President Abbas to the General Assembly, in which he conveyed the deep pain and suffering of the Palestinian people, who have endured more than 63 years of dispossession and exile and more than 44 years of foreign military occupation by Israel, which continues to oppress the Palestinian people and colonize the Palestinian land. Yet, he also conveyed the deep hopes of Palestinian people for the realizing of their inalienable rights, including their rights to self-determination and return, and their legitimate national aspirations for justice and peace in their own independent and sovereign State of Palestine, with east Jerusalem as its capital, where they can live in freedom and dignity equal among the community of nations.

Leaders from all corners of the globe have expressed their support for the efforts of the Palestinian leadership at this critical juncture. Vietnam has joined the majority and reaffirmed its support for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and their independent State on the basis of pre-1967 borders. In this regard, I am grateful for and profoundly appreciate and value the solid positions of support of the Party, Government and People of Vietnam to the legitimate cause of our Palestinian People. We will always remember these positions of those who are on the right side of the history.


Delegates, Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Once again, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to the Hanoi Union of friendship Organizations for coordinating with our embassy, especially the National Library of Vietnam for facilitating the venue of the program, and in particularly thanks the members of the Delegation of Vietnamese Journalists honorable friends of the Palestinian people. I warmly thank Ambassadors, members of the diplomatic corps and International Organizations, distinguished guests; especially the journalists attending this event and thank you for your valuable time passionately spent covering  the righteous struggle of the Palestinian people, and I hope that we will meet again in the near future in the peaceful Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Thank you /.