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Ambassador Saadi Salama speaks at “Learning about Viet Nam” Session

Thursday, 21 May 2015 14:50


Hanoi – On May 19th, Palestinian Ambassador Saadi Salama joined the “Learning about Viet Nam” Session organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam with the aim of meeting the needs of understanding more about Vietnam of new members of the Diplomatic Corps in Hanoi. The event brought together approximately 60 representatives including ambassadors, chargé d’affaires and head of mission from embassies and diplomatic representative agencies in Hanoi.

Speaking at the seminar, Ambassador Saadi Salama shared his experiences from the first day he arrived in Vietnam in 1980. The Ambassador also praised the achievements that Vietnam has gained in the past few decades. He said that he has witnessed a lot of changes in Vietnam and believed that there are three main factors contributing to the success of Vietnam in recent years; The first is the miraculous victory of the Vietnamese resistance against the US, leading to the reunification of Vietnam in 1975; the second is the end of the Cold War and the third is the innovation policy of the leaders of Vietnam.

About 200 new diplomats arrive in Hanoi each year. Therefore, it’s essential and necessary for them to gain a better understanding of the history, culture, economy, society, political system, state institutional structure as well as the foreign policy of Vietnam.