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Ambassador Saadi Salama introduces Maqluba to international friends

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 11:23

Hanoi – Palestinian Ambassador Saadi Salama introduced the national dish Maqluba to international friends at the Gastronomy Activity co-organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Committee at Melia Hanoi on 14th October 2014.

“Maqluba” (means “upside down” in Arabic) is a very popular dish among Palestinians inside and outside Palestine. People often get really excited when it’s served on the table. It’s basically a layered pot of chicken or lamb or other kind of meat, vegetables and rice. All the ingredients are cooked altogether and then flipped over a serving big flat platter, creating a beautiful cake-like form.

In this interesting event, Ambassador Saadi Salama talked about the popularity of Maqluba among Palestinian people and then instructed diplomat spouses to cook the dish.

During the demonstration, the Ambassador also explained about the Palestinian gastronomy culture with symbols like olive oil and lemon. He said that Palestinian cuisines are a bit sourer than in other Arabic countries with frequent use of sour ingredients like lemon, yoghurt and sumac. Palestine is considered the land of high-quality olive oil and a nation of citrus fruits and has exported these kinds of fruits to Europe since the 19th century.

The Palestinian traditional cuisine Maqluba was then tasted and warmly welcomed by international friends at the event. Palestinian Ambassador expressed sincere thank as well as the pride and happiness to introduce Palestinian culture to the world.


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