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Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Israel officially declares itself as an apartheid state

Friday, 20 July 2018 13:35

The Israeli Knesset's ratification of the so-called "Jewish nation-statelaw" within the framework of efforts by the Israeli right-wing to redraw the structure of the occupying state in accordance with its dark religious ideology through a series of laws that are considered an alternative to the constitution.

The racist "law of nationalism" carries a clear political message by the Israeli right wing to the world that suggests rejecting any efforts to resolve the political conflict on the basis of a two-state solution and the public denial of historical, and cultural existence of the Palestinian people on the land of Palestine, the Likud member and founder of this law Avi Dichter stated: "This law confirms that no one preceded us and no one will come after us."

This law is also an extension of the so- called "Law of Return", which was passed in 1950, which closed the door to the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland and opened the doors to the world's Jews to settle in the state of occupation as the state of the “state of Jewish people wherever they may be”.

The Ministry strongly condemns the“nationalism law" and considers it the ugliest violation of international law, and the adoption of this discriminatory law dropped all claims of Israel as the only “democracy in the Middle East.”Therefore, the ministry demands all the countries that were praising Israel's democracy to be ashamed of itself, in addition, it should strongly criticize this law, which reaffirms that Israel is a totalitarian, secular, colonialist, and racist state. Israel has reaffirmed through this law that Zionism equals discrimination even though the United Nations has abolished it.