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PALESTINE QUA ẢNH: Mùa thu hoạch
Thứ ba, 23 Tháng 9 2014 09:51

Mùa thu hoạch chà là ở Palestine:

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Economy in Palestine
Thứ tư, 10 Tháng 3 2010 15:40
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Since 1994, managed by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), the Palestinian territories from which Israel has withdrawn, and in the course of which there has begun with the establishment of state structures and institutions. With the establishment of the PA were also initiated in collaboration with international donor countries, economic and development projects to advance the development of Palestine.

The Palestinian economy is mainly service companies (transport, communications, software and financial sector) as well as from small-and-medium-sized operated, the goods for the domestic market and export produce to Israel.  

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