al-Nakba - the "catastrophe" of 1948
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 11:01

1The UN partition resolution was followed by early December, the first attacks and terrorist acts of the Haganah on Palestinian villages and civilians (Plan Gimmel). The country became increasingly embroiled in military conflicts, which according to the State of Israel proclaimed on 15 May 1948 the Arab states joined. The first Arab-Israeli war ended with victory for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on the Arab Liberation Army, 513 Palestinian villages were destroyed by the Israeli army and expelled over 700,000 Palestinians. The defeat of the all-powerful Arab enemy marginalized by Israeli representation of a miracle. In fact, the victory of Israel, however, based on the actual superiority of Haganah and IDF: In the initial stages of the conflict, and even before the entry of the Arab states, was the well organized and militarily experienced underground Jewish organization to one Palestinian society, the central political and military leadership was lacking. After the outbreak of war, the IDF fought against the poorly equipped, on unfamiliar terrain tactically defeated Arab Liberation Army, which was under any central command.


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