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The Palestinian campaign for Dead Sea as one of the world wonders

Thứ tư, 02 Tháng 11 2011 15:26
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Press Release Government Media Center 31-10-2011

Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced today, October 31st, its campaign to vote for the Dead Sea as one of the “New 7 World Wonders” (www.

which is being promoted by a public relations company. Minister says campaign will include TV and radio ads, special education program about Dead Sea at schools.

Minister Khouloud Daibes, explained today in a press conference that Palestinians have agreed to join Jordanians and Israelis in registering the Dead Sea in this competition. Palestinian endorsement was crucial since the organizer requires agreement by all sides before they can include the Dead Sea in the competition.

Minister Daibes stated, “We are aware of the fact that we will not benefit on the short term from the declaration of the Dead Sea as one of the seven wonders, due to the continuous Israeli occupation control which prevents us from benefiting from it or using it for tourism promotion and investment. Nevertheless, we decided to participate in the competition in order to confirm our right and ownership of part of the Dead Sea and to prevent Israel having an opportunity to claim full control.”

Minister explained that the Palestinians have the right to withdraw from the competition any time, if there will be any Israeli violation or settlement endorsement in the campaign. However, it is hoped that this initiative will forge gains for Palestinians to address Israeli illegal control over the Dead Sea and allow for Palestinians to invest in tourism and use of its natural resources in the panoramic and historical site of the Dead Sea.

The Palestinian Authority includes the Dead Sea on the world heritage potential sites’ list to be subscribed to UNESCO.

Please find attach fact sheet on the Dead Sea.