Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates// The Determination of our People and Their Survival in their Homeland Will Triumph Over the Occupation

Friday, 05 January 2018 10:10

The Israeli right wing believes that expanding settlements and legislating racist law of annexation and expansion is capable of resolving their deep historical crises, stemming mainly from its occupation of the Palestinian land and its continued denial of the legitimate rights of its people, also attempting to control the people by force and subjugating them under a repulsive apartheid regime. 

The Israeli Knesset's latest legislation concerning Jerusalem, and the expulsion of thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemites from their holy city, and the recent vote in the Likud party to impose the occupation over the Occupied West Bank will not solve the deep demographic crises that Israel is undergoing because of its occupation of the land of the State of Palestine. 

Israel’s continued rebellion against international resolutions and denial of the signed agreements and the rights of the Palestinian people, and continuing to commit grave violations of international law, is only prolonging the conflict and deepening the suffering. The determination of the Palestinian people and their historic commitment to remain in their homeland and their faith in their just cause and legitimate rights is the guarantor of the Palestinian’s will power to stand against the continuous displacement and torture despite their suffering.




January 2nd, 2018