Guatemala's embassy move to Jerusalem is a shameless act of lawlessness

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 10:02

Press Statement

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates   

25 December 2017  

Guatemala's embassy move to Jerusalem is a shameless act of lawlessness 


The State of Palestine condemns the announcement by Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales about his country’s decision to move their embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. President Morales dragged his country to the wrong side of history by committing a flagrant violation of international law as well as relevant United Nations Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, including most recently resolution ES10/19. This announcement is also a brazen act of disrespect and disregard to the collective positions of international alliances and groups Guatemala is part of, including the Non-aligned Movement.  

This is a shameless act of lawlessness that also completely and utterly defies the sentiments of Church leaders in Jerusalem, who unanimously and unequivocally declared their opposition to challenging the status of Jerusalem or moving embassies to it. As well as the Pope's urgent call to refrain from any unilateral measures that alters the historical status quo of Jerusalem. Instead of expressing solidarity with the original Christians in Palestine, President Morales chose to act against their rights and status in the Holy Land on Christmas Eve. It is unconscionable.   

The State of Palestine views this as a blatant act of hostility against the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and international law. Consequently, the State of Palestine will work with regional and international partners to confront this illegal decision.