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Statement issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Expatriates of the State of Palestine about Jerusalem

Friday, 08 December 2017 16:25

December 07, 2017


The State of Palestine expresses its adamant and unequivocal rejection of the announcement made by US President Donald Trump. The American Administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is an act of hostility against the Palestinian people, their inalienable national rights. Further, the State of Palestine views this policy announcement as an assault on the spirit and letter of international law, including the United Nations Charter, which does not accept the acquisition of territory by force nor the consequences that result from such illegal actions. It is also an assault on the spirit and standing of Jerusalem as a city at the heart and spiritual center of billions of people around the world.

This announcement has no bearing on the legal standing of Jerusalem as an occupied Palestinian city and an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territory. However, the political implications of this decision will stretch far beyond Palestine and the region. President Trump’s announcement rewards colonization, grave violations of international law, and abject disregard for human rights. This American policy decision sends a dangerous message that threatens the international system and will undoubtedly encourage other actors that do not respect international law to continue doing so because instead of accountability, they will be rewarded. This decision threatens the international system as we know it and as such, it threatens to destabilize the world.


The American Administration has disqualified itself from the role of broker in the quest for peace in the region. Palestine regrets that with this position, the Trump Administration has adopted a position that clearly attempts to pre-empt negotiations, which it should have started. Instead, this step has derailed efforts to restart peace talks with the aim of reaching a just and final solution for the conflict. In this regard, the State of Palestine reiterates that there is no peace without the establishment of a Palestinian state and a Palestinian state cannot and will not be established without East Jerusalem as its capital.
With this announcement, President Donald Trump violates the US letter of assurances of 1993 and numerous Security Council resolutions that do not recognize Israel’s illegal occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem. More dangerously, the Trump Administration’s illegal endorsement of Israeli colonization threatens to ignite religious fervor and tensions and to introduce a false yet incendiary religious dimension to the conflict. This is especially dangerous and runs counter the Palestinian position, which insists that this conflict is one about national rights and not religion.
The State of Palestine appreciates the overwhelming support it has received from states worldwide, who have openly and unequivocally opposed this American position. We call on these states to rise to the occasion and take practical steps to protect the two-state solution and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. It is time for countries that oppose this dangerous development to stand on the right side of history, recognize the State of Palestine, in line with international law, and reject attempts to plunge the world in disorder and chaos.
Today is a sad day for the international system, international law, and the Palestinian people. The American Administration has made a decision to stand, alone, on the wrong side of history and reward the colonizer. It must remain alone.
Finally, the State of Palestine reaffirms its sovereign right to defend its people and national rights through all available legal and political means. Palestine cannot and will not surrender to realities dictated by brute force and belligerence./.