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Ambassador met with the Minister of Justice of Vietnam

Friday, 23 September 2016 09:24

Ambassador Saadi Salama met with H.E. Mr. Le Thanh Long, Minister of Justice of Vietnam on Monday 19th September 2016 to discuss several issues of common interest.


Ambassador Salama thanked Minister Le Thanh Long for welcoming him and said that: the government and people of Palestine highly appreciate Vietnam’s achievements during its struggle for national independence and reunification as well as today’s social – economic development cause. The relations between Palestine and Vietnam have been improved in many fields and become more effective and substantial in the recent years. Yet cooperation in the field of law and justice has not developed as expected. Thus, Ambassador Salama hopes that the two sides will strengthen exchanges and promote cooperation in this field.

Agreeing with Ambassador Saadi Salama, Minister Le Thanh Long affirmed that Vietnam is willing to share the experience of Palestinians in building and developing the country in general, and in the field of law and justice in particular. Minister Long hopes that Ambassador Salama will serve as a bridge to promote relations between the two countries' justice sector through specific cooperation activities.