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A direct entry to Palestine is not possible, but can only be done through Jordan, Egypt or Israel.

Arrival of Jordan border crossings from Jordan, the Allenby Bridge and the Sheikh Hussein Bridge.

Land of Egypt: The Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip is approximately five hours drive from the Egyptian capital Cairo.  

Immigration to Israel: From the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport to get into the West Bank, East Jerusalem. An entry into the Gaza Strip carried out by the Israeli side of the border crossing at Beit Hanoun (Erez).

Language: The official language is Arabic. English is widely spoken.

Payment: The payment method in Palestine is the Israeli shekel, the Jordanian dinar and U.S. dollar. In the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian pound is accepted. Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Many banks have ATMs installed that take most of the internationally accepted credit cards.

Transportation: The transport is buses used (between cities and villages) and taxes (within the city).

Electricity: In Palestine, the 220-volt system used.

Post: Post offices are found in every city.

Shopping hours / opening times: Saturday to Thursday, the shops are still open from 9:00 bis 18:00 clock clock. On Friday, the official holiday, the shops are closed until the afternoon.

Time: Palestine is the central European summer time over one hour ahead.

Phone: Palestine is the country code +970. From Germany outgoing telephone conversations must be conducted on the area code +972.

Clothes: The choice of clothing should be made ??dependent on the season. In summer, light cotton clothing is recommended, however, in winter you need warmer clothing. Remember that in winter it can snow in Jerusalem. Basically, it is appropriate to respect the values ??and morals of the predominantly Muslim society and to look for an appropriate, clean clothing. Bermuda shorts or jogging pants, short skirts and tops should not be worn in public, is by visiting a mosque, it is advisable for women to cover their hair with a towel.

Health: Before the trip was a health insurance be concluded, special vaccinations are not necessary. The most common illnesses are gastrointestinal upsets. Medicines for diarrhea should definitely be part of the first aid kit. Wash fruits before eating and pay attention to an adequate sun protection. In an emergency you can get medical attention in the West Bank and Gaza Strip under the number 911 (English) call or contact the local offices of the Palestinian Red Crescent. Hospitals can be found in every major Palestinian city, ambulances are among the 101 number to reach.


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